Why we strictly use open source with every service we offer

Where would the world be if it were every man (or woman) for itself? Would we have gone to space? Would we even live in a civilisation as we’re all accustomed to? Would we…? The answer to most of these questions is ‘no’. It’s a fact that when you do things together, you move forward exponentially. Imagine how the state of the internet would be without people working together and helping each other. The internet would not be as vast as it is today and it would cost a lot more to access. Thankfully, we do not live in a world like that. We live in a world where open source technology helps mankind forward and it’s something we’re glad to be part of.

The reason why we use open source wherever we can is pretty straightforward; its secure, cost effective and gives you more freedom compared to a propriety counter part. With open source you know exactly what code your using, as anyone can validate its authenticity. That means no sneaky backdoors placed by governments or other security leaks. Of course there’s bugs though, as with any software. Thankfully, these can be fixed by yourself or other like minded people so you don’t have to wait ages as you would with proprietary products.

Since the beginning of PCextreme we’ve always adopted open source. From using Linux based systems to housing over 2000 Raspberry Pi’s in our data center and sponsoring open source projects whenever we can. The main software that we use for our public and private cloud is also open source. We even help develop some of the software we use, such as CloudStack and Ceph. Both software are vital to our business, which is why we like to have a say in its development and fix bugs that directly help us improve our services towards our clients.

Not only do we fix bugs for both CloudStack and Ceph, we also actively give back to the community. One such example is the development of the Ceph integration for CloudStack. Without it, there was no way of using both together and there was also nothing available. During that time we had only recently come to learn about Ceph and we were instantly hooked. This piece of open source software powers our High Available servers and is known for allowing one to create a distributed storage cluster without single points of failure. In other words, extremely reliable storage that just works.

As for CloudStack, we have a dedicated developer that works on CloudStack full time. From fixing bugs to adding new functionality, we’re extremely happy that we are in a position to be able to give back. This not only improves our services, but also sets a new standard for the entire industry. After all, by building together you simply move forward faster. Whether that be by building together with our clients to achieve rock steady hosting solutions, or with other developers all over the world to improve the software we all use.

By using open source software, our cloud services are fully secured, it gives us the freedom to directly improve our service by participating in the projects and we’re able to bring maximum value to our clients at the lowest cost.